BAYONÉ values slow fashion and premium quality swimwear
As a brand that values sustainability, we want to let you know what that means and how we chose to function.
To us- sustainability means having a lighter imprint on our planet. Sustainable fashion refers to environmentally friendly apparel and styles made through a conscious process from the beginning of a products life to its end. Fusing fashion and sustainability brings you to a modern day movement in the industry where brands can openly talk about their social and ecological integrity.
BAYONÉ stands with these concepts and we’re consciously choosing to run with businesses with these values in mind.
BAYONÉ founder Ambar Bayonet has always admired human connection. Connecting with people on a personal level has come easy for her, inspiring her and ultimately led her to create BAYONÉ- offering a personal approach to fashion. Designing and hand making pieces with thoughtfulness and care, just for you.
Another incentive to create handmade pieces as opposed to manufacturing was realizing the inhumane and cruel realities of majority fashion manufacturing. This is especially common in third world countries. Many fast fashion brands have their apparel manufactured under poor working conditions for extremely low wages. Fast fashion is typically cheaply and quickly made, with little attention to detail or delicacy when produced. We want to work against unethical labor, while creating quality pieces.
BAYONÉ will combat fast fashion by creating premium swim- handmade to order. Fabric for each collection is purchased in small batches to eliminate wasted fabric. Post materials like remnant fabric, thread and scrap paper are kept so they can be properly repurposed.
BAYONÉ is working alongside the following brands to strive for a better planet for generations to come.
Our swimwear is currently being shipped in 10x13" 100% compostable mailers-- an alternative to traditional plastic poly mailers. We will be using different brands as we order these in small batches and supplies vary.
Our exclusive silk scarves are currently shipped in recycled, biodegradable and recyclable envelope mailers from Eco Enclose. These mailers are naturally biodegradable and made form 90% post-consumer content.
You can learn more about them here:
Our custom BAYONÉ tissue paper and packaging stickers are made with Noissue, a brand that offers custom, sustainable packaging for brands and businesses of all sizes. With each order you place with them, you are contributing to global reforestation and join their eco packaging alliance. With our past purchases, we have have planted trees in Ethiopia, Haiti and the Amazon rainforest! Helping reforest the planet.
Both our tissue paper and stickers are specifically FSC certified, meaning the paper that makes up our printed tissue is sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly, sustainably and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Our packaging is also made from cellulose fiber-where active acid pulp is eliminated during processing. They are also lignin and sulfur-free, meaning the paper won’t leave behind chemicals when decomposing. Printed with soy based ink (a renewable resource), our beautifully elegant tissue paper & minimal stickers reduce air pollution during the drying process too.
You can learn more about them here:
Hang tags for our swimwear are made with Botanical paperworks, a company that manufactures and designs customizable seed paper. Their bio-degradable eco paper is made with post-consumer materials and embedded with seeds. Soak your tag in water, plant it in a pot of soil 1/8 deep and watch it grow while the paper composts away!
You can learn more about them here and find instructions on how to plant your tag:
As of now, our swimwear will be made with concealed seams and lined with Carvico fabric, a manufacturer based in Italy producing insanely deluxe performance and swimwear fabrics. They are committed to sustainability and consider their production plant to be ‘the benchmark for successful green entrepreneurship.’ They’ve even engineered special fabric made of ECONYL yarn, 100% nylon yarn regenerated from industrial waste! Based off availability, we will use both their eco friendly fabric ECONYL or their matte fabric MALAGA fabric- known for light weight feel and elasticity. Both ECONYL and MALAGA offer UV protection while resistant to chlorine, sunscreen and oils.
You can learn more about them here:
We want to be transparent and let our customers know BAYONÉ is constantly making mindful decisions towards a more sustainable future.